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Brent Lowe – Senior Pastor

Pastor Brent moved from Montana in the summer of 2000 to give himself to full time ministry, beginning as a Youth Pastor in Fort Worth, Texas. Yes – that was one of those record breaking heat wave summers that was quite an eye opener (and skin scorcher) for a man used to the cooler temperatures of the north. But he persevered through the melting heat and discovered the joy, frustration and pure pleasure of leading young people to God and how to live a devout life in the midst of high school angst. His diligence was soon rewarded by God expanding his ministry to Associate Pastor. 

In October of 2006 Godley Assembly welcomed him as Senior Pastor. Since that time he has steadily been rebuilding the church through his bible-based teaching, spirit-led direction and genuine love of his people. His passion, dedication and compassion – resonant through everything he does – whether from the pulpit, in Sunday School, a Wednesday night service or holding your hand in the hospital. The one adjective you will hear over and over from people describing Brent is that he is “real” or he seems like such a “normal guy” to be a pastor. That is exactly true – Pastor Brent is a real and normal guy who happens to be on fire for our Lord and called to minister and pastor the people of Godley.

Brent likes all sports, playing golf, Mexican food and chick flicks (the chick flicks is supposed to be a secret – so don’t tell him we put it on the website)

Pastor’s motto is that everything begins with a relationship and to that end, all ministry groups are led by teams with the goal of establishing and deepening relationships with God, each other, and in the community.


Joi Lowe – Pastor’s Wife

No – “Pastor’s Wife” is not a title – but we wanted you to know who the lovely lady you will see so often smiling brightly at Brent’s side is. Joi works full time in the oil & gas business and helps with various ministries and activities in the church, not the least of is supporting and encouraging Brent.